About us


Ron Rosenthal

Project Manager, Real estate agent 

and consultant in Berlin and Germany


Ilan Fishman

Real estate agent and consultant in 

Berlin and Germany

Using our intimate knowledge of the German real estate law and market – a market that is pretty impenetrable to outsiders, trust us – we began to offer the necessary support and expertise people require to successfully buy and sell properties within this market. 

Language, laws, distance and local customs – all things that make a venture into the German real estate market seems impossible. With our help, guidance and support, you can take on these challenges and win – from your first viewing up to the signing the contract.

IR Immobilien is a young company whose goal is to provide the consultation and management services you need to succeed in the German real estate market, both in Berlin and beyond.


If you are interested in buying or selling a property in Germany, we are your go-to. With personal guidance and support, we will cut through the red tape to make sure you maximise your investments and save costs, while doing the hard work for you.